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Teledyne Oil & Gas is focused on strengthening the value proposition by delivering high reliability engineered solutions for subsea/topside pipeline asset integrity monitoring, sensing and power/data network interfacing and distribution applications in the oil and gas exploration and production industry in the business of: Read More

  • Field Performance—Flow Assurance and Pipeline Asset Integrity Sensing and Monitoring
  • Electrical, Optical Penetrations, and Distribution Systems for Power and Data Network Interfacing
  • Cable solutions for harsh environments
  • Application-focused New Product Development with Systems and Materials Expertise

We are a global business with multiple manufacturing centers in the US and UK and supported by integration, test and field service centers in Houston, Rio De Janeiro, Aberdeen, and Singapore; Teledyne Oil & Gas is Teledyne ODI, Teledyne Cormon, Teledyne DGO and Teledyne Impulse, Teledyne Storm Cable and Teledyne VariSystems with scientific research through Teledyne Scientific.

Teledyne Oil & Gas consists primarily of:

Teledyne Cormon Teledyne DGO Teledyne Impulse
Teledyne ODI Teledyne Cable Solutions

With Technical Development Partner:

Materials Science Materials Certification Applied Science Advanced Research

Plus blended alliances with the companies of:

Teledyne Benthos Teledyne Geophysical Teledyne Reson
Teledyne BlueView Teledyne Odom Hydrographics Teledyne TSS
Teledyne Gavia Teledyne RD Instruments Teledyne Webb