Teledyne VariSystems: Overmolded cable assemblies for harsh environments

VariSystems is part of Teledyne Cable Solutions, an integrated alliance dedicated to supplying the industry with engineered solutions to challenging cable situations.


Teledyne VariSystems began operations over 30 years ago as a supplier of cabling and services to the Canadian seismic industry. Over that time we have grown in size, in capability and in expertise but our dedication to solving our client's most demanding cable and connectivity challenges remains the same.


Today we are 200 employees in Canada and the United States dedicated to providing the most reliable products and services to industries, such as Defence, Mining, and Petroleum Exploration, that cannot tolerate equipment failure. Our products are used on seven continents by hundreds of the largest industry-leading equipment operators in the world.


There are a number of reasons that Teledyne VariSystems' customers have made us the largest custom manufacturer for molded cable assemblies, and the vendor of choice for connectivity products; first and foremost is the quality of our products. Teledyne VariSystems' polyurethane cables and molded cable assemblies are as much as 5-times stronger than other (PVC) cable products. Teledyne VariSystems' cables also have as much as 30-times higher abrasion resistance while still offer superior flexibility and performance in extreme weather. Our customers have made us the largest because we have delivered the highest quality products at a level of consistency that is unmatched in our industry.


We don’t just manufacture products, we offer our customers complete solutions for their connectivity needs, including Engineering, CAD service, Expedite Services and Logistical Support (Inventory Stocking, Off-site KanBans, etc).


Custom instrumentation and industrial cables


Teledyne VariSystems

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