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Reliability Engineering

Reliability Strategy

Reliability is the most important design consideration in all Teledyne Oil and Gas products. From preliminary design to product sustainment, reliability is the primary focus through the entire product life cycle. This approach focuses on

  • Elimination of failure modes early in the design process.
  • Assurance of reliability prior to product deployment.
  • Continuous improvement in product reliability and availability.
  • Demonstrated field reliability.

Reliability In Product Development

Reliability must be considered starting at the earliest stages of a design effort to be truly effective. By incorporating reliability concepts from the initial design stage onward, failures are mitigated before they create greater financial and logistical problems later in life. Teledyne Oil and Gas uses a number of tools to ensure reliability in all designs, including the following
  • Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Reliability Block Diagram Analysis (RBDA)
  • Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS)
  • Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

The video below demonstrates reliability stages and some tools used to incorporate reliability in New Product Development.

Reliability in Product Development

Reliability In Product Support

Reliability is supported over the entire product life cycle. Field data is a critical component of this effort and includes information on both failed and non-failed units to determine reliabilities in various deployment environments. Accurate metrics describe product performance trends that support future design efforts.

The video below shows the process used in enhancing the reliability of product lines already in production.

Reliability in Product Support

Reliability Partnerships

Reliability is a concern to supplier and end-user alike, as failures can result in substantial system downtime and lost revenue. For this reason, Teledyne Oil and Gas actively seeks out and establishes reliability partnerships with its customers and the end users of its products. By sharing data and knowledge about how a product may be used, a better understanding of the product requirements will be gained, and a better product can be designed. Additionally, reliability tools can be used with the input of representatives from all companies involved which further mitigates risk from potentially overlooked failure modes. Finally, by discussing experiences and new innovations in the field of reliability engineering, both companies can enhance their reliability programs. The following video highlights the benefits of partnerships within Teledyne Oil and Gas, and partnerships with our customers.

Reliability Partnerships

Reliability Advancement

Reliability is a rapidly expanding field, and Teledyne Oil and Gas is committed to retaining our lead as a world class supplier of reliable interconnect solutions. All engineering teams complete regular reliability training, and reliability engineers at Teledyne Oil and Gas are expected to continuously increase their knowledge of the subject. This takes the form of training courses, certifications in reliability engineering, and publishing papers on the subject. Links to papers written on reliability engineering by Teledyne Oil and Gas employees are listed below.