Reliability in Product Sustainment

Reliability improvement continues after the product is deployed in the field.  Product returned from the field undergoes inspection and analysis to determine the effects of the actual field conditions.  Due to the difficulty in retrieving units after deployment, it is recognized that not all units that have had observable issues are returned from the field, or even reported by the end user.  For this reason, Teledyne Oil and Gas regularly contacts customers and the end users to ensure that it has an accurate returns database, and that all known information is captured for all field issues.  This information is used to update the FMECA on a regular basis, in order to ensure that all failures modes observed in operation are accounted for and are properly ranked with respect to severity and probability of occurrence. 


Additionally, information is collected on units that have been deployed and have not had any issues in the field.  This includes the specific stresses that a unit experiences during its life, including pressure, temperature, and other use conditions.  This information, used in conjunction with the returned unit information, can then be used to determine condition specific reliabilities.  The information from this analysis is used to improve the current product design, including design enhancements for easier use by the customer, as well as drive major changes for the next generation of products.

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